Kim Boram


Kim Boram
Jang Kyeongmin
Lee Hyesang
Choi Kyunghoon
Yoo Dongin
Im Sojeong
Park Sunhwa
Cho Youngbin


Choi Hyewon
Kwon Songhee
Park Junhyeong


Traditional Korean music meets contemporary dance!
Those who have no fun, let's have "fun" with us!

FEVER, whose premiere was officially invited to the Seoul Street Arts Festival 2019, attracting attention, reinterprets the elements of Korean traditional arts with the keyword of 'a live tradition from the unique, contemporary perspective of the Ambiguous Dance Company. It offers a refreshing sensation, breaking the boundaries between all genres. Along with DJing using highly addictive traditional rhythms, Taepyeongso sinawi and the singing of a traditional singer are performed live. And the dancers' unique moves to the music catch the eyes of the audience. The work attempts to create a conversation with the audience with 'non-traditional' and up-to-date familiarity just like a fashion runway show. FEVER makes audiences feel the scent of tradition in various parts of the work by using our traditional patterns and ideas in its costumes and props.

#1 Sinawi
#2 Daechwita
#3 Aekmaegi
#4 Taepyeongso 1
#5 Taepyeongso 2
#6 Seokryu-Jib
#7 Silk Taryeong


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