Dance for Children Rudolph


Lee Kyunggu


Nam Inwoo

Video Design



Rémi Klemensievicz


Ji Kyungmin


Lee Kyunggu
Park Sojin
Lee Yeonju
Lim Seongeun


Hey friends! Join the monkey Rudolph on his journey this year as well~
The monkey, whose name is 'Rudolph,' carrying trees, socks and letters in his big cart begins his adventure in the most extraordinary outfits among many of his forest friends this year too.
The steps Rudolph takes will transport you to the new and wonderful landscape of the world. Will you join us on this journey?

Will you be Rudolph's travel companion?
With you friends here, Rudolph can take courage!

We experience various types of warmth on this special day of Christmas, making a wish and spending time with our beloved ones. Rudolph is also waiting for Christmas while delivering letters with the wishes of his friends.
Rudolph's wish is to spend Christmas with his grandfather.
But his journey ahead is long and arduous. Can Rudolph, who often feels lonely and cries, finish this journey well?

Rudolph the Monkey, why are you called Rudolph?
A world of imagination seen from the unique perspective of the artist (*By dramaturg Nam Inwoo)

This world can be a totally strange place for children. Children unravel the secrets of this strange world one by one by asking "why?".
"Why?" is the beginning of an adventure, the power of approaching the secrets of the world as well as the magical power that leads us to the world of imagination.
Choreographer Lee Kyung-koo poses a question of "why?" about the meaning of Christmas and Rudolph that children have already become familiar with.
The magical power also disappears in a familiar world where "why" is gone.
The dance performance presented by dancers who raise new questions through the language of the 'body' will offer a pleasant experience to see familiar things from a different point of view and give children the power to explore the world in a new way.



Date and time

5 May 14:00 - 12 May 14:00