Journey of three bodies

Choreography·Film Directing

Lee Min Kyoung


Myeong Jihye
Im Eunjoung


Baek Juhong
Yean Joongsun


Ko Yoohee

Directing Advice

Shin Bittnarie

Costume Designer

Shin Wonsun

Director of Photography

Lee Sunyoung


Jung Haeji


You Taeho

Data Manager

Paik Jongkwan


Han Donggyun


Lee Yeajin

Sound Designer·Mixer

Park Daham


Journey of three bodies is a work that explores the sensation and state of 'traveling'. Traveling is a state of maximized movement in which not only the subject but also the object and the background of the experience move simultaneously. Numerous travel stories from all time and places seem to confirm our belief that an existential newness can be created through traveling. This journey takes place on a stage where the sides and back are open and the operators are also seated on it. The three characters - a monster, a human, and a robot - wake up to different bodies, and, while traveling to their own destination, meet each other and go on a long journey together. During the journey of excitement and exhaustion, oblivion and awakening, one of them leaves the stage, and their wandering story goes out of the stage. This drama is played in and out of, and on and off the stage boundaries. The starting point and destination of their journey are not different, it is at the same time moving and unmoving. Will different bodies create different beings?


24/7 STAGE

Date and time

5 May 14:00 - 31 Dec 00:00