Shut Up and Dance

Directing·Music·Robot Choreography

Kwon Byungjun

Film Directing

Joe Yonggi

Lighting Design

Kong Younwha

Technical Director

Moon Doosung

Robot Technician

Baek Juhong
Yean Joongsun


The title Shut Up and Dance comes from the book of the same name by Shin Hyunjoon published in 1998. Techno music fever that began at the end of the 1990s rapidly spread around the clubs in Hongdae in Korea. Young spirits dancing to the regular beats all night as if training fill the T4-Cultural Complex, Oil Tank Culture Park, replaced by robots. A dreamy atmosphere of the end of the 20th century in pursuit of freedom and liberation melts into a fantastic large-scale group dance through seamless movements of robots and video synthesis.


24/7 STAGE

Date and time

28 Jan 14:00 - 31 Dec 14:00